The History Voyager Podcast

The History Voyager Podcast

Is The History Voyager Podcast a history podcast?

I think so. We live in revolutionary times. Profound technical changes are so commonplace in our lifespans that we virtually ignore them now.

We ignore them until we can’t. Troop movements clandestinely filmed and mounted to TikTok announce that TikTok isn’t just for kids anymore. Millions of Millennial and late-GenX people dusted off a Skype account they used to use connect with friends without their mom or dad knowing so they could use it for work.

2020 was the year the computer went, officially, from being a toy to a tool. 2020 also felt a lot like a capstone year. Millions of people reevaluated their life’s purpose, direction, as well as their priorities.

There’s also this pervasive, almost nagging, sense that the future if it isn’t here already, it is coming tomorrow.

Why is the History Voyager Podcast a history podcast?

None of us know how the future will play out.

Is cryptocurrency a genuine move toward the future of money? Is cryptocurrency a scam? I’m conflicted. But, I investigate. I talk to experts, sure. But those are not the episodes I am the most proud of. Bye-and-large I’m the most proud of my “regular people podcasts.” I really believe that these are oral histories disguised as a podcast.


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