Friday, May 6, 2022

What is The History Voyager Podcast?

  What is The History Voyager Podcast?

The History Voyager Podcast is a podcast that chronicles our entry into a new age. It started by me asking a simple question: “What is the Spanish influenza?” This question started me on a road of discovery.

How is the Spanish Flu related to Covid? Pandemic disease has been making changes and forcing us to make changes since at least the Plague of Justinian. Plagues and people have had a give and take relationship with each other ever since.

What is The History Voyager Podcast?

I prefer to think of Season 1 of The History Voyager Podcast a deep dive into the Spanish Flu. In this podcast series I go through the thinking of scholars and researchers of the day. I address some of the deeper historical processes at play in “Moving Knowledge”, “The Underlying Bias of Modern Historians,” Getting Meta About the Pandemic(s), and “Structural Change.”

COVID19 or SarsCov2 is part of a family of diseases which was first discovered in the turn of the Twenty-First Century. It killed a minuscule amount of people for the first 19 years after its discovery.

Then came 2019. Li Wenliang a Chinese ophthalmologist was the first medical professional to warn anout a new disease that he was finding in his patients. As of April 22, 2022, 6.22 million people have died of COVID19. Of that 6.22 million, 990 thousand are deaths in the USA.

Millions of people died of COVID. Dr. Li Wenliang was sadly among them. COVID has injured untold millions more have long haul COVID. Studies of COVID show that 1 in 4 patients have long haul COVID. This is regardless of the severity of the disease in the patient’s body at the time.

How does COVID change my life? Long Haul COVID is a severely disabling disease. It can render someone incapable of working or be very severely disabling. People who have the condition report chronic fatigue, accelerated dementia and Alzheimer's onset, increased likelihood of organ failure, stroke, heart attack or other disabling condition.

Consumer technology saved American lives during the pandemic. I’ve said on my podcast a few times now that 2020 was the year that the personal computer and the smartphone went from being a toy to a tool in the minds of a lot of Americans. Skype, ZOOM, Microsoft TEAMS, and other similar apps and websites have doubtless kept the COVID case numbers lower.

With that said, it has also helped to expose major inequalities in American Society. Education is key to life outcomes. It’s key to understanding a world which will increasingly need advanced cognitive skills to successfully navigate the world.

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